Traditional Filipino Dessert $10

Chicken Parmesan

Our home breaded chicken fillets, asiago cheese tomato sauce and roasted red pepper. Come with choice of fries. $14

Hermie's Cubano Sandwich

Roasted pork, ham, cheddar cheese, pickle, roasted red pepper. Comes with choice of fries. $14

Filipino Beers

Don't forget to add a Red Horse $8 or San Miquel beer $6.5 when ordering a Filipino Dish.

Banquet Burger

Our homemade burgers, contains no fillers or binders. Fully loaded with bacon, cheese, lettuce tomato, onion, mustard and relish. Comes with your choice of fries. $13.50

Ruben Sandwich

Our grilled Ruben Sandwich comes complete with 1/2 pound of cornbeef, swiss cheese, and sauerkraut. Choice of fries $14