About Us

Hermie's Diner owners: Hermie and Chris
Hermie's Diner owner's Hermie and Chris

It is with mixed emotions we announce that Hermie's Diner will be closing the doors on April 27.  We want to thank our friends, family and customers for their support during the last 4 years. Without you Hermie's would not have had the success that we had. However after Covid and not being able to see our families as much as we could we decided to open Hermie's in Toronto.  We are happy to see some of our customers have found us already and we are looking forward to more visits in the future.

Hermie's Diner is a large, 66-seat diner on West Street South just off Highway 12 owned and operated by Hermie and Chris.

At the age of 59, Chris's father started a new chapter in his life and became a Franciscan Friar. On March 31 2019, Chris's father passed away, he was 87. Chris being the same age as his father when he started over, decided that he would honour his father by also starting a new chapter in his life. This choice to head life in a new direction with Chris made sense for Hermie. She had been catering food for events and office lunches for a few years and had a dream to open her own restaurant. 

When they found this location in Orillia, they fell in love with it, the counter seating, the red booths and so much more. Hermie and Chris spent the next two and a half months renovating and updating the space. Here, they created a rustic, yet homey, place for you to enjoy your next meal.